Roulette Is One of the Most Popular Table Games: How Can a Beginner Play Roulette? 

Roulette Game

Roulette is currently the oldest and most popular. A board game in an online casino. The game consists of a rotating wheel, a betting scheme, and a ball that accidentally falls into the wheel. Eventually, the ball lands on a number, and that number become the winner. Roulette is very easy to play, and luck is the only thing you need to win big. Due to the huge popularity of the game, roulette has become an online gambling market, and it can be played in almost any online casino. In addition, the game can be played in real-time in a casino with live dealers.

General Rules of the Roulette Game

Popular Table Game

The basic game regulations were formed in the middle of the XIX century. At first glance, the rules of roulette in a casino seem simple. The player’s task is to place the chips in such a way that the selected departments of the table match the characteristics of the dropped number. It can be a specific number, its properties (color, even or odd), belonging to a certain group.

The game starts with all the participants placing bets. For this purpose, chips of different denominations and a playing field in the form of a table are used. Then there is a spin, after which the winning number becomes known. The bets that have played are paid out, and the game starts again. This principle is used in all versions, and the differences are as follows:

  • Coefficients and limits.
  • Types of bets.
  • The cost of chips.
  • The effect of additional rules.
  • The level of return and the advantage of the casino.

How to Place a Bet Correctly


In order to place a bet, the player uses chips of different denominations in the casino currency. In online versions, this is done using a special menu, and in land-based versions, the client purchases chips at the cashier of the institution. They are placed on the playing field, the winnings are calculated in them, which is then paid out. On casino websites, it is displayed in a user-friendly way after the application is approved. You can get money if the amount falls within the limits set by the operator. If bonuses were used for the game, withdrawal is possible after their wagering. In a real casino, chips are exchanged for money at the cash desk.

Playing the online version, the user sees a betting field in front of him. As a rule, when you hover over each of its departments, a pop-up window appears with a description of the coefficients. In some cases, to find out, you need to go to the payout table. In land-based establishments, chips can be placed independently or transferred to the dealer.

Before playing for money, it is important to clarify a few characteristics:

  • Table limits. It depends on them what the minimum bet is and what winnings the user can theoretically count on. In real casinos, these limits are indicated on a special plate, and in virtual casinos, they are described in the section with information about the title.
  • The dignity of the chips. The wider the range of available amounts, the more convenient the game is, the more effective the use of a variety of strategies.
  • The percentage of return. It depends on the version of the game, the effect of additional rules, the number of pockets on the wheel.


Above we got acquainted with the basic rules of roulette. You can play roulette at a real casino, as well as online. In a real casino, roulette fraud is practically excluded. Since the only option for fraud is to put the table at an angle. But then the ball will always fall into one sector, the players will notice it and will bet only there, which will bring losses to the casino itself. If you play at an online casino, then you should seriously consider choosing a site, it should be licensed and with good reviews about roulette. You can also familiarize yourself with some Roulette strategies. But most often winning is just luck.

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