A Card Game That Will Not Leave You Aside: How to Play Sochi Texas Holdem?

Texas Holdem

Sochi Texas Holdem is a very popular type of poker, which we will analyze today. This game can be played both in a real casino and online, as many players love it. Well, let’s get started.

Basics of the Game

Card Game

Sochi Texas Holdem is a type of Texas poker (No-Limit Texas Hold’em), which is the main discipline of the largest poker tournaments. The goal of the game is to defeat the dealer by collecting the best combination of five cards, which will be higher than the dealer’s combination when using community cards and players’ closed cards (or only community cards). Sochi Texas Holdem is played with one deck consisting of 52 cards. To participate in the round, the player places chips on the “Ante” and “Blind” within the limits of the table. The dealer deals two cards face down to each player and himself.

On the “pre-flop” (before the opening of the first three community cards), the player looks at his cards and decides whether he should bet. Five community cards are laid out in two stages face up and placed in front of the dealer. 1st stage — 3 cards are laid out (“flop”). Players are again invited to make a bet decision. Players who have placed a bet on the preflop cannot touch their cards. Stage 2 – the dealer simultaneously opens two more cards (“turn” and “river”).

At this stage, each player who has not placed a bet in the first and second rounds must either place a bet or fold the cards in a pass. After the betting decision, the dealer opens his cards and the players’ cards and selects the maximum possible poker combination of five cards. The player with the best combination wins. The dealer has a game if his “hand” contains a combination of “pair” or higher.

Starting Cards

Texas poker rules

Every poker player just needs to be aware of how to deal with certain starting cards. There are three categories of pocket cards in Texas Holdem poker:

  • The strongest starting hands (the senior pairs are Aces, Kings, and Queens).
  • The highest cards of the same suit (Ace and King, as well as King and Queen). Having the first two combinations on hand, in fact, it is always worth playing aggressively.
  • The next oldest pocket cards are a pair of Queens and a pair of Jacks, the neighboring strong cards are of the same and different suits.

The rest of the initial set of hands in Texas Hold’em poker has a negligible “weight”. For this reason, it is allowed to continue playing only if you are in a late position, and the draw will not cost you anything.


In order to win poker, you need to know not only the rules and combinations but also to understand people well, their condition, and many other factors. This is a long game that you will have to learn to play for a long time. This game can be found both online and in live casinos Before you play, choose a well-established casino. Well, we hope that this information was useful to you. We wish you good poker games!

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