Oasis Poker Is the Most Common Type of Poker Game: Rules and History of the Card Game.

Oasis Poker

Anyone who likes to gamble has played this type of poker at least once. Poker is basically the most popular game in the casino world, but this kind is especially popular. Players are lured by an interesting game process and simple rules. On the Internet, you can find many strategies for the game, but we will consider its basic rules and regulations.


Poker rules

Oasis Poker is poker, which is also called five-card poker. This is one of the most common types of poker in the world using a deck of 52 cards from deuce to ace in each of the four suits, in which the game is played against the casino. The maximum number of boxes in this type of poker is 6 (six). The players make an initial “ante” bet, and the dealer deals 5 cards to each box and 5 cards to himself. One of the dealer’s cards opens. After that, the players make a decision: to play (make a bet equal to double the ante bet), not to play (fold the cards, losing the initial ante bet), or to change 1 card, paying an amount equal to the ante bet, or 2 cards, paying an amount equal to 1.5 ante. The cards are exchanged only once. After all the players have made a decision, the dealer opens his cards. If the dealer’s cards do not contain an Ace-King combination or older, the dealer declares “no game” and pays the ante bets in a ratio of 1:1.

If the dealer has a “game”, he announces it and consistently compares it with the players’ combinations. If the player’s combination is older than the dealer’s game, then the player is paid the ante bet 1:1, and the bet is in accordance with the paytable. If the dealer’s “game” is older than the player’s combination, the dealer takes the “ante” and “bet” bets as losers. If the dealer’s and player’s combinations are the same, and the cards not included in the combination also match, a “draw” is declared, while no bets are lost or won. There is also an opportunity to bet on a bonus in this game.



After sitting at the Oasis table, the player, first of all, must place a blind bet, which is usually called the ante. After that, the dealer gives himself and the player five cards each, leaving one of his cards open. Read more here.

After looking at their starters, the player chooses from three options:

  • Send cards to pass. In this case, the distribution ends, and all bets placed by the player go to the casino.
  • Make a call. Then the player must make a bet equal to two antes, called a call, after which the cards are opened and compared.
  • Exchange a card or buy another one, depending on the type of game. Here lies the difference between a five-card and a six-card Oasis. In playing a five-card game, a player can exchange several cards. The cost of exchanging one card is equal to the ante. That is, it will cost two antes to exchange two cards in poker. These rates are non-refundable. In a six-card game, you can take an additional card for one ante.

After selecting item three, the player must again choose between the first and second items.


The rules of the game are quite simple and clear. You should play this poker once and you will understand everything. Good luck with your games!

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