Analysis of Casino Winning Strategies: Is It True or Fake?

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On the Internet, you are offered casino winning schemes. Allegedly, this will help to win money and may even become a way of permanent earnings. In this article, I will tell you whether it is a divorce or not. Around 2017, channels in the telegram began to appear like mushrooms, offering secret winning schemes. They massively bought advertising on other channels and fooled the audience. So there are a lot of strategies that don’t even work. Today we will figure out whether to believe them?

Who and Why Comes up With Winning Schemes in the Casino?

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They come up with schemes and “generously” share them with people, they do not seek to give them the opportunity to earn easily, but on the contrary. These are simple advertisers. They share supposedly working bugs and ask for nothing in return. But it is strongly advised to try them at a particular casino in order to attract you there. You believe such figures, register on the specified site, deposit money, and lose them. And they get either a fixed fee from the casino for this or a percentage of your loss.

Why Winning Algorithms are a Hoax

1. There are two types of casinos. Scripting – you should not go into them. They have fake software, so it’s almost impossible to win there, and even more so it’s impossible to get your money. Having made a request for payment, you will either be blocked or will be trashed up to infinity. Licensed clubs are another matter. However, I don’t recommend playing them either. Let me remind you that online gambling is prohibited in Russia! You have no guarantees and no protection.

So, you should understand that any casino is created not for your earnings, but for the earnings of its owners.

2. There are no schemes. Working bugs, secrets, algorithms, strategies, instructions are nothing more than a divorce of naive seekers of freebies. Believe me, the gaming industry is much more developed than any other. Any miscalculation in gambling instantly turns into a loss for its creators and organizers. For this reason, they carefully make sure that the game works as it should, that is, “plus” for them and “minus” for the players.

The absurdity goes so far that some sites even prescribe in the rules that they can block you from using bugs and schemes. The wording is as vague as possible. As you should have guessed by now, the locks happen every time someone wins. He is simply accused of hacking a casino or a specific game and is banned without additional explanations and evidence.

How Not to Fall For Deception?

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All similar schemes that you see on the Internet are a hoax. They are invented by people who receive a percentage of users’ losses. What rules are important to follow: 

1) Do not believe unverified sources on the Internet and telegrams.

2)Always read the casino rules before using the strategy.

3) Ignore the people who suggest such strategies to you.

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