How to Win at Roulette Always: 4 Basic Rules of the Roulette Game?


The purpose of the casino is to lure the client and force him to lose his money. To do this, you need to start a player so that he succumbs to emotions, gets excited, makes the maximum bet – and loses! Today we will analyze what rules should be followed in order to always win at roulette. Of course, most often it is luck, but we will analyze a win-win strategy. Let’s get started.

Win-Win Strategy

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We will use a strategy that is based on the method of mathematical expectation, it is also called the Hook Method. Suitable for any games with a coefficient of 1:1. We will look at the example of roulette: red or black.

Rule 1

You always need to stay calm and calculate your actions and steps ahead. If you give in to emotions and do not follow the strategy, you will most likely lose. The casino specifically tries to bring players to emotions. Your game should be cold and calculating. If emotions are already at the limit, do not be afraid to take breaks in the game.

Rule 2

Set the minimum bet: double if you lose, and leave if you win. If you don’t want to leave the casino, start a new session again with the minimum bet. This is a very important point. You need to learn not to give in to excitement.

Rule 3

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The minimum bet is about 127 times less than the amount that you have on hand. You will need to lose 6 rounds (doubling the bet each time) so that the probability of losing again in round 7 is less than 1%.

But it may happen that the loss goes on for 10 or even 15 rounds in a row, it all depends on where you play and what “advantage” the casino has. I calculated a 50-50 probability when you play “for interest”.

Rule 4

Regardless of the number of rounds and the amount of money “at stake”, the winnings for the session will be only the minimum bet.

Example. We always bet on red, the bet is 100

Round 1. Bet 100. Black fell out. Losing 100

Round 2. The bet is 200. Black fell out. Loss for 2 rounds 300

Round 3. Bet 400. Black fell out. Loss for 3 rounds 700

Round 4. The bet is 800. Red fell out. The price is 1600. You lost 700 in the previous three rounds, and you bet 800 in the current round. So the costs are 1500. The profit is 100.

Regardless of the round you win, on the first or on the seventh, the win will be 100: the minimum bet.


We hope that these tips were useful to you. And also remember that when you play in a casino, this money can be lost. Never play with your last money. The casino is entertainment for those who know how to control themselves and conduct the right strategy. Good luck to everyone!

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