Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler indeed is one of the most astounding fighters inside the UFC. He joined the world’s greatest MMA promotion in 2020 and is delivering the most exciting battles to this day. His record in the UFC is 2 wins and 2 losses, which isn’t very amazing, yet the record isn’t significant when you’re a fan favorite and your fights are like fireworks. If you also enjoy Chandler’s fights, visit PlayAmo and make comfortable bets on your favorite fighter.

  Prior to joining the UFC, Chandler was a 3-time lightweight titleholder in the world’s second-greatest MMA organization – Bellator. Chandler had a decade-long career in this association. He used to be the most popular fighter in Bellator and it’s not unexpected that his performance in the cage was astounding. In this article, we will take a look at Michael Chandler’s best performances outside the UFC. 

Michael Chandler versus Sidney Outlaw (Bellator 237)

  In 2019, Bellator Collaborated with the Japanese MMA association Rizin battling Federation and held its event in Japan. Chandler was fighting in the co-headliner. This was Michael’s first bout after losing his title against Patricio Freire. Intending to get himself back in the title picture, Michael had a mission to win in a spectacular fashion. The fight started slowly, but in the third minute of the fight, Chandler landed a strong and clean right overhand, which helped him with getting a knockout victory.

Michael Chandler versus Patricky Freire 2 (Bellator 157)

 This was Michael Chandler’s second encounter with his old opponent Patricky Freire. Back in 2011, Bellator held a lightweight tournament. Freire was considered to be a talented individual at the time. Chandler faced Patricky in the finals and beat him to the Unanimous Decision. after 5 years, these warriors were scheduled to face each other once more. The lightweight title was vacant and the organization picked Chandler and Freire as 2 contenders.

 The battle was very tense, two fighters were trying to figure out the reach.  In the third minute, Chandler unloaded a flawless straight right cross that knocked his rival out cold. With this tremendous performance, Chandler turned into Bellator’s two-time lightweight champion.

Eddie Alvarez versus Michael Chandler 1 (Bellator 58)

Michael Chandler

 After winning the lightweight tournament in 2011, Chandler needed to confront the final boss and the dominant champ – Eddie Alvarez. The so-called “Underground King” was a way more experienced fighter than his opponent. It was Eddies 25th battle in his pro-MMA career, while Chandler used to be a newbie as it was his eighth pro-MMA bout.

 In any case, the battle was truly outstanding. 2 fighters came out aiming to rip each other’s heads off. In the beginning minutes, Chandler clipped Eddie with a heavy punch and attempted to finish the fight rapidly, but the experience and the perseverance of Alvarez helped him to recover.

 In the following 2 rounds, Eddie began to take the reins. Chandler seemed exhausted and Alvarez was outboxing him. However, in the fourth round, everything changed as Chandler once more struck with a bomb that dropped Eddie. Chandler didn’t botch his opportunity this time, as he immediately took Eddie’s back and choked him out with RNC.

 This fight is viewed as one of the best fights in MMA history overall.

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