What Strategy Should Be Used to Make Sports Betting Successful?

Sports Betting strategy

There are a large number of game strategies in sports betting. Some strategies are better suited for pros, and some for beginners.  Consider a couple of them.


Martingale is a simple but at the same time risky strategy. Its essence is that if you lose, you need to double the subsequent bet in order to get back what you lost and get into the plus. For example, you bet $50 on team “A”, the result is a loss.

The next time you bet $100, you fail again. Now, in order to return the lost money and earn, you will have to bet $200. The disadvantage of the strategy is that with a long series of defeats, you can lose all the money.

The Kelly Criterion

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The Kelly criterion – strategy boils down to finding a value bet and putting a certain percentage of the bank on it, which is calculated according to the formula. A value bet is when, according to the player, the bookmaker incorrectly calculated the probability of the outcome of events.

Suppose the teams “A” and “B” are playing among themselves. The probability of victory for “A” is 60% (coefficient 1.65), for “B” – 40% (coefficient 2.5). The player believes that the bookmakers’ analysts made a mistake and the probability of winning “A” is 65%, which means that the bet is valuable. Now it remains only to calculate how much to bet.

Fixed Profit Strategy

A feature of this system is the constant amount of potential income. I choose the amount of the bet for each forecast so that, if successful, I get a constant amount of money. For example, I want to receive an income of $20 after each sports bet is concluded (with a coefficient of 2.08).

To make a profit of $20 on this outcome, I need to bet the following amount: 20/(2.08-1)=18.52 dollars, where: 

  • 20 is the amount of potential income; 
  • 08 is the coefficient for the outcome. 

If my bet works, I will get this net profit: (18.52*2.08)-18.52=$20.

Strategy Anti-martingale Method

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This system is the opposite of the classic Martingale. Its basis is as follows– after a failure, the bet amount should be reduced, and after a win, it should be increased. When you play this strategy, with a losing streak, losses decrease, and with successful forecasts, revenues increase significantly.

D’Alembert’s Strategy 

The basis of the strategy is very similar to Martingale. Its difference can be formulated as follows: after each unsuccessful forecast, I need to multiply the size of the subsequent bet by the lost amount. At the conclusion of a successful forecast, I will be required to reduce the size of the bet by the amount of the winnings.

Final Thoughts

Each player understands from his own experience which strategy suits him best. And what strategy do you use? We hope that a review of these strategies and tips will help you make successful bets.

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